Karelians of the Olonets and Arkhangelsk Gubernias

Karelian, korelian are Russified Finnish tribes living in the Northwest Russian Gubernias. Karelians living in Petersburg gubernia are Protestants, the other belongs to the Orthodox church since XIII century. Karelians keep their constitution but forgotten their native language. Their main occupations are agriculture, cattle-breeding and fishing. Earlier Karelians lived in Karelia, it formed a Southeast part of Finland and later was included into Petersburg, Olonets and Archangelsk gubernias. In the XII century Karelia was congested partially by Russian, partially by Swedes. In 1721 according to Nystad Peace Treaty the whole Karelia came under the hand of Russia and at that time some Karelians went to neighbouring parts of Russia, where about 300 000 of them are living now (see also Finns).
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