Monument to the Fallen in the Battle of Porosozero

Monument to the Fallen in the Battle of Porajärvi

On September 19, 1937, at the Orthodox Cemetery of Liusvaara Village, Ilomantsi, was unveiled a monument at the grave of four heroes of freedom who fell in the battle in Porosozero (Porajärvi) Village during the East Karelian Uprising in 1921 and were brought there across the border.

At the last days of December 1921, when the Karelian troops approached the Liusvaara Village, they were mistaken as Russians, and all of the villagers had fled. When was detected that the newcomers were friends, the joy was great.

The monument was made of black granite and contained inscriptions: “Fallen in Far Karelia: Ville Parppainen*, Jestonen, unknown, unknown”, as well as year “1921”. On the back side of the stone was inscription “With gratitude to the Karelians”. On both sides of the monument were gray stone pillars with ornaments of crosses and torches. The base of the monument was also made of gray stone.

The fate of the monument is unknown since the Winter War.

* Parfentyev