Since your esteemed newspaper also reprinted a news from the weekly Suunta that I have suggested Russian as a command language for own forces of the Olonets Karelia and so on, I ask you to publish protocol of Government, elected by the people the Olonets Karelia, contained the issue of these forces, and which I have attached both to my report to higher command as well as to this explanation.

Protocol of the session of the Olonets Temporary Government on July 3, 1919

With regard to Mr. A.Ladau, I am not fully aware of his activities during the war years in Vaasa, but I know that by order of the former Governor-General Seyn, he was detained in St. Petersburg Prison Kresty for almost a year, from which he was released by the March revolution.

In the same context, I would like to emphasize that my activities in the Olonets Karelia have not include either the conduct of warfare, or the recruitment and dismissal of soldiers.

June 12, 1919.


I ask that the newspapers that have published mentioned news also publish this explanation in good faith.

Karelia -newspaper, No. 160
July 17, 1919