Declaration, inserted in the procès-verbal by the Finnish and Russian peace delegations at Dorpat, october 14th, 1920, at the meeting for the signature of the treaty of peace between the Republic of Finland and the Socialist Federal Republic of the Russian Soviets

Declaration of the Russian Delegation with regard to the Autonomy of Eastern Carelia

The Socialist Federal Republic of the Russian Soviets guarantees the following rights to the Carelian population of the Governments of Archangel and Olonetz (Aunus):

1. The Carelian population of the Governments of Archangel and Olonetz (Aunus) shall enjoy the right of self-determination.

2. That part of Eastern Carelia which is inhabited by the said population shall constitute so far as its internal affairs are concerned, an autonomous territory united to Russia on a federal basis.

3. The affairs of this district shall be dealt with by national representatives elected by the local population, and having the right to levy taxes for the needs of the territory, to issue edicts and regulations with regard to local needs, and to regulate internal administration.

4. The local native language shall be used in matters of administration, legislation arid public education.

5. The autonomous territory of Eastern Carelia shall have the right to regulate its economic life in accordance with its local needs, and in accordance with the general economic organisation of the Republic.

6. In connection with the reorganisation of the military defensive forces of the Russian Republic, there shall be organised in the autonomous territory of Eastern Carelia a militia system, having as its object the suppression of the permanent army and the creation in its place of a national militia for local defence.

Declaration of the Russian Delegation concerning the position of the Population of Russian Ingria

The Russian Delegation proclaims, on behalf of the Socialist Federal Republic of the Russian Soviets, that the Finnish population of the Government of Petrograd is granted full enjoyment of all the same rights and advantages that Russian law gives to national minorities. This particularly refers to the following points:
The above-mentioned Finnish population has the right:
Freely to regulate, within the limits of general laws and regulations, its public education and teaching, its communal and inter-communal administration and its local judicial organisation.
To take all necessary measures with a view to developing its economic position;
To attain the above-mentioned ends by means of the necessary organisations of its representatives and of its executive authorities, which organisations shall be subsidised out of the public funds in an adequate manner in accordance with the laws in force;
To make free use of the language of the local population for public education and teaching and for other internal affairs.

Declaration of the Russian Delegation with regard to an Amnesty for War Refugees

In accordance with the Article of the Treaty of Peace between Finland and Russia with regard to the armistice, persons belonging to the Finnish population of the Government of Petrograd and to the Carelian population of the Governments of Olonetz (Aunus) and Archangel, who have fled from their homes, shall be granted a complete political amnesty and the right to return to their homes.

In consequence, the Soviet Government restores to them the economic rights enjoyed by Russian citizens in accordance with general laws and regulations. The Soviet Government is likewise disposed to take energetic measures with a view to bettering the lot of the refugees who return to their homes, and whose means of subsistence have been annihilated as a result of the destruction of houses and other structures and property, and by lack of seed.

Declaration by the Russian Delegation with regard to the Parishes of Repola and Porajärvi

The Russian delegation considers that the inhabitants of the parishes of Repola and Porajärvi are entirely safeguarded by the clauses inserted in the Treaty of Peace and by the rights of autonomy which will be enjoyed by the whole of the autonomous district of Eastern Carelia. With a view to removing any other possible causes of anxiety, the Russian Delegation declares that unless Finland stations troops in this frontier district, or unless this district is threatened with War, Russia will not maintain troops or other armed forces in the territory of these communes during the course of the next two years, with the exception of a small number of guards for frontier and customs supervision.

Declaration by the Finnish Delegation regarding the Property and Debts in Russia of Finnish Subjects, commercial Companies and other Associations and Institutions, and also concerning the appointment of Military and Naval Attachés

As we have often represented on previous occasions, questions concerning debts and demands for damages, compensation, and other claims by Finnish subjects, commercial companies, and other associations and institutions against the Russian State or against the Russian Government institutions, no matter of what nature these claims may be, are outside the scope of the present Peace Treaty. Nothing has therefore been decided in regard to these claims except what Russia has guaranteed in this respect (by Article 28 of the Peace Treaty).

This statement, of course, applies also to the rights and debts of the owners of Finnish vessels, whose vessels are in Russia and who are unable to obtain possession of these vessels by virtue of Article 23.

Further, the two Delegations have agreed that neither of the Contracting Powers will raise any objection, after normal diplomatic relations have been restored, to the other Power sending it military and naval attachés according to the generally accepted international usage.