Finnish and Karelian peoples will live as one family

There are numerous meetings in the districts of Karelia, joining to the Finnish Democratic Republic. These devoted to the historical agreement on mutual assistance and friendship between Soviet Union and Finnish Democratic Republic.

In their speeches and resolutions, the working Karelians warmly welcome the People’s Government of Finland, the declaration of the government and the agreement on mutual assistance and friendship between the Soviet Union and the Finnish Democratic Republic. With a sense of pride and joy, they speak about reunification with the kindred Finnish people.

Speaking at meeting in the Karelian Kroshnozero village Karelian collective farmer comrade Gordeyev stated:
– The Soviet Union by concluding an agreement with the Finnish Democratic Republic performed the centuries-old aspirations of the Finnish people to reunite with the kindred Karelian people. The Karelian people will help the Finnish people to build a joyful and happy life.

With great enthusiasm held a meeting in the Karelian Svyatozero village. There adopted the following resolution: ”20 years the Karelian people lived in a happy and wealthy family of the peoples of the great Soviet Union, while the Finnish people languished under the pressure of the exploiters. Now the sun also shine over the land of Finland. Came true The age-old dreams of the Finnish people about reunification with native brother, the Karelian people. Henceforth the Finnish and Karelian peoples will live as one family, newly. They will start build their lives together, independently, without cajanders, tanners, erkkos and other traitors of the Finnish people.

Long live the Finnish Democratic Republic!

Long live the Soviet Union, the true defender of the small nations!

Long live great Stalin, friend and teacher of the working people of the whole world!”

December 9, 1939