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Memorials dedicated to the Olonets expedition

August 4, 2019. Salmi. Tulema. Monument to the Fallen in Olonets expedition. © Esko Erkkilä

Finnish memorials
In Russia:
Monument to the Fallen in Olonets expedition
Sortavala. Common Grave
Kamennogorsk (Antrea). Monument
In Finland:
Kouvola. Monument to the Fallen in the Battle of Polovina
Ylihärmä. Monument to the Heroes of Freedom
Alahärmä. Monument to the heroes of Independence War
Tampere. Monument to the Fallen Whites
Pori. Monument to the fallen for freedom of the brotherly peoples
Seinäjoki. Monument to Heroes of Independence War
Turku. Tombstone of the fallen in the Olonets expedition
Kuopio. Cemetery of the Freedom and Kinship Warriors
Ikaalinen. Monument to the Independence War
Akaa. Memorial of fallen in the Estonia and Olonets Karelia
Honkajoki. Monument to the Independence War
Pälkäne. Monument to the Heroes
Cenotaph in Oulujoki
Monument in Liminka
Monument in Hämeenlinna
Soviet memorials
Petrozavodsk. Common Grave of Communists
Military memorial cemetery in Pogrankondushi
Mass grave of the Vidlitsa communards
Mass grave of the Reds in Olonets
Common grave of cadets in Beryozova Gora Village
Mass grave in Palalahta Village
Obelisk in the Sulazhgora Heights
The Sulazhgora Heights Memorial
Monument to the heroes of the landing at Vidlitsa
The grave of Chairman of Vidany Rural Council
Memorial Complex in Obzha Village
Russian memorials
Bowing cross in Vidlitsa
Memorial plaque in the place of Vidlitsa landing

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